Silver Linings







Silver Linings

Random trivia about me – I am obsessed with TCM  (Turner Classic Movie) and the majority of classic movies and songs. There is a song called “Look for the Silver Lining” it was covered several times by Judy Garland, whose version also became, and remains, well-known. Your homework would be to google either the Judy Garland version or just read the lyrics.

I feel like every day I am forced into believing those words just for minimal survival.

Boobs, Breasts, Knockers, Pillows, the list goes on and on for the many names that have been given to this body part that commonly can be seen in females.

Most of us who are small want them bigger, and those who are bigger want to be smaller. It falls into the “grass is greener effect” .

In my own journey, I have mentioned before that I was also the perky breasted one in my group. But for the last six years I have finally gone through awkward stage where most teenagers go crazy.  I have gone through 6 years of not having a real rack of breasts to be proud of. This is all due to the cancer, radiation, and the fact that I always seem to need to take the longer road to accomplish something.

Now that my diagnosis has changed again, I found out that I can’t even think of putting any type of implant in my body while undergoing chemotherapy. Besides losing my hair (and yes as a Black women – the urban legend is true that we have a special association with our hair) I believe that I will become officially unhinged.

I’m honestly not quite sure what to do folks. I want to find the silver lining. But this time I am fighting hard.

Oh wait, when I went to the dr it said I had lost 2 pounds WOOHOO!!!

I will keep you posted.


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