Pam’s Prescription Plan


Does Stress Feed Cancer?


Stress is a silent killer. Those with impacted immune systems due to cancer and chemotherapy are particularly susceptible to the effects of stress on the body and progress of disease. A comprehensive meta-analysis reviewed 165 studies on the subject of stress and cancer statistics and found that higher incidences of cancer were associated with stress on healthy populations. Incidences of cancer were 6-21% higher in those with high stress levels. In addition, cancer mortality increased by 29-133%.

Reducing stress decreases the amount of the stress hormones in the body and slows the rate of tumor growth and metastases in studies. Coping with sustained periods of stress helps the body to maintain a state of health. Counseling, training on stress reduction techniques, support groups, and exercise are some of the ways to combat the effects of stress.

Reality Check

In my own journey, I have found that having outlets to relieve stress help tremendously in my 24/7 battle of keeping normalcy.  But, it is expensive. There are days I have made a choice to treat myself to a massage after a rough chemo treatment than pay a bill.

Many people do not have the option to make these choices. We are not in the world (yet) where doctors can write prescriptions for going to the movies, having a nice dinner, a massage, or even a vacation . But, since I’m not a doctor I can……..

Pink for Pam introduces

Just what the Dr. ordered

“Pam’s Prescription Plan program” which will annually provide cancer patients with grants to receive services in the following categories:

      •  Health/Wellness
      •  Travel
      •  Entertainment

The grants will be distributed in gift card format and will be  redeemable at a location near the recipient.


“Pink Can be Chic Program” will annually provide select cancer patients with a healing retreat experience, including:

• 3 Night Stay in Hotel
• Spa Treatment (Massage, Facial, Makeover)
• Photo Shoot
• Dinner
• Nutritional/Naturopathic Consultation

To find out more, please send an email to

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