When Reality TV does right(My Valentine’s Day epiphany)

So…. I have definitely ramped up my tv watching the last few weeks. There are a zillion types of reality tv shows out there and I can guarantee (speaking as a former hardcore addict) there aren’t too many too be proud of. I am from the age of Flavor of Love, the original Real world, and a whole bunch of others.

Anyhow, there is a show that always intrigued me called Shahs of Sunset. It is about a bunch of Persian rich adults and their lives in LA. It normally falls into the same characteristics of the other reality shows. But the last few episodes one of the main characters actually organized a trip to Turkey for her and her friends. She left as a refugee at the age of 8and is not able to go back to her visit her home country of Iran. So, she worked it out for months to have her Iranian family meet up with the rest of her family in Turkey.

The idea of family is just so strong. The love that was shown was amazing. Normally reality shows just don’t portray the true human side of life. As she was seeing her family after about 20 + years I found myself crying with her and her friends. It was truly beautiful. It reminds me how important family is. Every smell every inch made them cry even more. They couldn’t even stop touching each other because of how much they missed each other.

The cliché goes that you can’t choose your family but you can chose your friends.  Well, my friends are my family. Whenever something dark has happened in my life I have found that God has always placed the right people around me or accessible to help me get over the hump or be reminded that I am love.

What is the gist of all this….. Valentine’s day is coming up and we like to make a big deal about “romantic” couples.  Love is LOVE. But why not just take a moment and just say “I love you” to the people that matter in your life in general. Friends, Family, and even some foes J