Okay, So what is Glam

So, what is Shades of Glam? To me it represents the concept that regardless of what nationality, creed, or religion, as women we  decide how we are going to hold our heads up high regardless of the direction life has taken us each day.

In today’s world, I think it is very easy to succumb to depression and low self worth. It is also easy to become engulfed with the challenges that come up each day.

  • The only thing that keeps us between the mental ward, and going to our jobs each day is sometimes taking a deep breath.
  • The difference between being homeless on the street, and having a full fridge is just managing coupons and the “Deal of the Day.”
  • The difference between staying calm when we are in the midst of bad customer service and strangling someone is saying the prayer of serenity.
  • The difference between shaking that crazy coworker, or telling your boss off sometimes is just a quick text to your friends to allow you to vent.
When I have a bad day, I am a big advocate of trying to figure out a way to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasure. It includes a nice long shower, singing in the car to my favorite song, getting a manicure, and the list goes on. A constant factor that keeps me from completely losing my mind is sometimes as simple as talking with my friends.
When we are rushing and concentrating on getting through our day to day, we forget that we have a network of other women who understand the same issues that we face. When we isolate, it allows loneliness to creep in and take a problem that could be resolved in an hour of venting and turn it into months of depression.
Shades of Glam simple plan is to remind women that regardless of your situation, there is a network of other women who can relate, who don’t mind if you vent, and just want to see you succeed.
No gimmic, no sales pitch, just the simple facts.