Can’t forget the lipstick

I have never been much of a make up person. Not because I don’t believe in it but more like I’m so awkward with it. The looks I see on tv or in magazines I was just not born to naturally create. But it might go back to the fact I can’t even draw a stick figure. And there is a reason why they call people “make up artists.”

Anyway, the one piece of makeup I have always insisted on figuring out to use is lipstick. But there are a zillion different shades. And I have had A LOT of misses. Finally, in college I found “the color” it was from the brand “wet and wild” it was great because I figured I could spare $.99 to experiment. The color was (and honestly still is my go to color )blackest red.
I put that color on and I instantly felt queen of the world. Even if the rest of me looked like crapola. It was as if the lipstick was my super power and it gave me the power of self esteem. It got to the point that when I didn’t wear it people would first ask me if I wasn’t feeling well. (I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing)
Now that was over 15 years ago, where this relationship started. I have spoken before in prior post about feeling vain. Or at least realizing Cancer has brought out my vanity.  But even today, as I go for testing, a work meeting, or any new situation that I’m unsure of myself….  I make sure I don’t forget the lipstick.
I know there is nothing powerful in the tube but it unleashes something in me. And not to overuse “fake it to make it”, it does give me courage and if nothing else I will look great. Lololol

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