can i be a vegetarian who eats chicken?

I came home from work last night craving some sort of meat (Now, I have been told by countless wonderful resources (both human and internet) that meat is not the best direction for me to go. There are many good reasons based on logic and fact. But…… That does not always coincide with emotions.
Have you ever said you weren’t going to eat/drink something and then crave it more? Or worse yet, you try to diet and then you find yourself bingeing one cold and lonely night?

I think the key word is balance. I know with any health condition it is important to do your part. But… That does not mean torturing youself. Instead of doing something everyday cut back to 5 days. If you do it in small increments soon you will realize there wasn’t as much of a dependency as you thought.

Who ever said not eating meat is the answer? You are NOT to be blamed because you eat meat. (I have been blamed – LOLOL) I’m just saying, studies were made to be re studied.

I can say, you are to be blamed if you do not start taking a vested interest in your life. There has to be an accountability for whatever choices you make. That includes eating, drinking, reading, wearing, and etc.

So yes, I believe you can become the vegetarian who can eat chicken. It means slowly cutting back until you no longer require chicken. And then not punishing yourself for choices made on your journey.

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